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Privacy Information

How TriHealth Benefit Solutions Protects Information

TriHealth Benefit Solutions (TBS) values the trust you place in us.  TBS has physical, technical and administrative safeguards in place to secure your information.  These safeguards follow federal and state laws.  HIPAA protects health information relating to past, present or future physical or mental health of an individual.  Any health information that can be directly linked or associated with an individual is referred to as “protected health information” or PHI for short.  We keep verbal, written and electronic PHI safe using the right procedures to protect your information including:

The following is important information about how we protect your health information and your rights with regard to your information.

Notice of Privacy Practices
Notice describing how TBS uses and discloses PHI, your rights under HIPAA and how you can exercise those rights.

Consent for Release of Protected Health Information
Your right to grant permission to share information to an individual or organization.   The consent form can be found by clicking on the TriHealth Benefit Solutions icon at the top of the page and visiting the Self-Serve Portal.

Appointment of Representative (Medicare Only)
Your right to appoint anyone to act on your behalf by sending us an Appointment of Representative Form. You and your representative must sign the form for it to be valid.

Revocation of Consent for Release of Protected Health Information
Your right to change a previously granted permission to release or disclose a member’s protected health information to an individual or organization.

Request for Accounting of Disclosures
Your right to see a list of certain disclosures made of your protected health information.

Request Amendment of your Protected Health Information
Your right to request a correction to your protected health information created that you feel is inaccurate or incomplete.

Privacy Complaint Form
Your right to advise of concerns to TBS regarding privacy practices or compliance with state and federal privacy laws and regulations.

Contact Information

TriHealth Benefit Solutions
Compliance Department
4600 Wesley Avenue
Cincinnati, OH 45212

Phone: 1 866 624 1980

We are committed and take great care in protecting your health information. Our goal is to protect your information as if it were our own.