Who We Are

Trusted Partner

TriHealth Benefit Solutions is a subsidiary of TriHealth, with a complementary mission.


With more than 20 years' experience as an administrator of government-sponsored health programs, TBS is refocusing to become a strategic partner based upon and sharing TriHealth's values and mission.

Our vision is to work in tandem with others in the TriHealth family to improve the health status of the people we serve by providing a full range of health-related services.

What differentiates TriHealth Benefit Solutions?

TriHealth Benefit Solutions is not driven to become the biggest administrative services provider in Southwest Ohio, but the best. Our business model is governed by the TriHealth Way, emphasizing service and operational excellence.

Service – We are built with a personal, customer-centric focus. Our definition of success is measured by each individual member's positive experience.

Excellence – We work to get it right the first time, every time. We work with diligence and purpose, measuring our results daily, assuring we focus on our customers rather than process.

Respect – As members of the TriHealth community, our staff appreciates the stresses that can arise when dealing with illness or injuries. We treat those we serve with respect, empathy and understanding.

Value – We value our customers and demand professionalism throughout our organization. We insist upon professionalism in our work, our actions and our communications.

Engagement – Every one of our team members is engaged and accountable. We expect them to give their best each day, be committed to TriHealth's goals and values, and contribute to our organizational success.

What Can Our Clients Expect From TriHealth Benefit Solutions?

Here's what clients can expect when dealing with TBS and its staff: